Announcing the Future of Digital Media Series: Corante

Announcing the Future of Digital Media Series: Corante > The Importance of… > Corante posted a new interview series called “The Future of Digital Media” yesterday and the first invterview by Ernest Miller with Jeff Jarvis is quite simply outstanding.

Jeff has a clear grasp of where new media is headed and makes some very interesting points regarding the future.

“Today, it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a half-hour of, say, a home rehab show. With a decent camera and the tools on a Mac plus some time and talent, you could produce an equivalent show for a few thousand at most. That creates tremendous opportunities. Producers can make shows and distribute them online and eventually, they will be discovered by the big boys, who will be desperate to reduce their costs. But in the meantime, great new sources of programming will explode.”

“Whether Howard and Sirius want us to podcast them, we will. So they should embrace it and let us listen to Howard whenever and wherever we want. If it were ad-supported, they should encourage distribution via podcasting and BitTorrent. On a subscription basis, if I can listen to my other favorite radio show (This American Life) on my iPod, why shouldn’t I be able to subscribe and listen to Howard? Give the citizens control, remember? The new XM radio with a hard drive built in is the beginning: It allows you to timeshift radio. But why should we have to go to the trouble of having to record it? We should be able to just get Howard whenever we want Howard — so long as somebody is paying for the privilege.”

“One implication of this is that we might as well tear down the broadcast towers. Seriously, who’ll need them? When you can get live or on-demand stuff on your new-fangled phone, why do you need old-fashioned one-size-fits-all low-fi broadcast? I read recently that only 11 percent of Americans now get TV via rabbit ears. Well, hell, we should just buy them all satellite dishes and free up that spectrum for amazing and rich new uses. Once radio is available via broadband and satellite, we might as well tear down those towers, too, and use that spectrum. The next unplanned obsolescence: wires.”

Really good stuff. Nice work Corante. Nice work Ernest Miller. Nice work Jeff Jarvis.

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