RED HERRING | Give me Firefox, or give me death

RED HERRING | Give me Firefox, or give me death Update: Steve Ruble interviews the PR man behind the Firefox ad, Rob Davis.

When people spend $250,000 of their money at $20 a pop for the sole purpose of taking an advertisement out in the New York times to tout the superiority of Firefox over IE, look out! This many people this impassioned is sure to have an impact.

I will say that after having used Firefox for a number of weeks now that it is indeed the superior browser. At the same time I still need to keep Internet Explorer on my machine as certain sites don’t operate correctly from time to time with Firefox — a small annoyance but well worth the trouble.

Hopefully Microsoft takes this threat very seriously and makes some much needed improvements to IE. On the other hand… how much money do they really make on IE anyway? Try to go after the Office cash cow monopoly instead and then you’ll see the real fireworks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You assume that people are actually touting the merits of Firefox when in reality they are only venting their spleens at Microsoft. It has nothing to do with which browser is better. Firefox is better at some things, worse at others.