New Net domains near approval | CNET

New Net domains near approval | CNET It looks like we may very soon see the .travel and .post domain names. Still not sure about the eight other top level domains including .xxx, .jobs, and .asia. Still wondering who the lucky lottery winner who first registers is going to be.

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    I think that .xxx is a great idea because it can help protect people from accessing content that they never wanted. Parents could also modify browser to include password protection for .xxx domains. My fear is that this would give the FCC an excuse to try and police the internet. If the intenet is truly part of the public landscape, then they could try and force all objectionable material (if you don’t believe that they can control ‘pay’ material, then why did Tivo have to adopt broadcast flags?) Maybe with the new Supreme Court we could create a law that would outlaw online publication of anything more racy then The Golden Years)