Akimbo debuts video on demand on Amazon

Akimbo debuts video on demand on Amazon | Tech News on ZDNet Akimbo launched their video on demand service exclusively via Amazon.com this morning — units should begin shipping next week. They seem to be focusing on “alternative” content with their boxes acting as a conduit linking internet content and the living room television.

The article references that Akimba will soon be getting into the pay per view movie game. My own opinion of the video on demand offerings from folks like Cinema Now and Movielink is that ultimately the video fails as the quality is not fine enough for my 42″ HDTV plasma.

I’m curious about the quality of Akimbo’s service. Akimbo says that they are in talks to license the Akimbo service to the set top box makers. Getting microcontent from the internet to the livingroom looks to be an exciting area for future software and hardware development.

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