Wired 12.10: Would You Buy the Future of Radio From This Man?

Wired 12.10: Would You Buy the Future of Radio From This Man? A bio piece on Lee Abrams, the inventor of album-oriented rock (AOR) in the late 1970s and a current force behind XM Satellite Radio.

Personally I find that these days I’m mostly becoming my own radio station. With an extensive mp3 library I mostly listen to and rate these at home. In the car or traveling I use my laptop as my default personal satellite radio. I can put my 5 Star mp3 list on my laptop, plug in my IRock beam it and listen to what I really want to on the radio. I use headphones when walking around town or on the plane or BART. Because I’d rather be my own DJ than let someone do this for me I find that I simply have no use for XM Satellite.

At some point I still may subscribe to XM Satellite if it gets easy enough to rip mp3s from their broadcasts. On the other hand there are a lot of other more easier ways to build your music library.

At Scoble’s Geek Dinner on Saturday night I met a guy named Tom who worked at Savage Beast – a music recommendation type service. According to Tom their mp3 library was at about 300,000. This was the largest library I’ve heard of yet.

I’m very curious about what the size of other’s mp3 libraries are these days. I’d love to hear from you, anonymously if you’d like, in the comments section about how large your own personal mp3 collection is and what it consists of and how your organize it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tom, I presently have roughly 69,000 mp3s in my library. I’d be interested in hearing how big other’s collections have grown.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a lot of songs. I’ve was able to collect about 130 GB from Napster and Kazaa before they started prosecuting. It’s too dangerous to P2P anymore. The RIAA has spies everywhere. I sort them by artist. It’s easier to find songs that way.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1519 albums with 17700 songs-2146 artists, mostly ripped from my 4000+ CD collection at 320VBRJoint Mp3. It took 3 months having 2 machines going about 12 hours a day each, using LAME and EAC on WinXP on one box and Grip/cdparanoia and LAME on Linux. It’s about 150 gigs, on a single drive on my server. Shared with my Mythtv box so I play on TV, using WMP on Windows boxes, and the Slim Devices Squeeze Box I do real time re-encode and stream over http so I can listen at work (firewalled down of course so others cannot stream it, since broadband upstream is 200k at best). I stream 192k. If I could get internet access in my car, my radio station would be over wireless to my home machine. 😉