Netflix, TiVo Promise New Service

Wired News: Netflix, TiVo Promise New Service So the rumors, despite TiVo’s denial, really were true after all.

One of the nice things that I’ve enjoyed about my HDTV TiVo is the ability to order really amazing picture quality pay per view movies.

Ordering movies via Movielink is so second rate as the quality is dramatically inferior to anything that you would rent on dvd or watch on HDTV recorded from HD HBO or HD Showtime or from pay per view.

How is it that TiVo is the first to bring us a HDTV recorder, has amazing quality pay per view downloads and will now be offering what would appear to me an amazing selection of high quality HDTV downloadable movies and Microsoft can not?

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  1. says:

    I will be interested in seeing how Netflix chooses to promote Tivo. Netflix could try and form deals with the cable companies as well, but I have a suspicion that Comcast, Time Warner and Cox would rather negotiate their deals directly with Big Media. It’s definetely in both companies interest to promote subscribers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix doesn’t help out to subsidize the boxes. You could put a 10GB hard drive with very limited tivo functionality on it. Rather then selling the boxes, Netflix could rent them to recover distribution costs. People would naturally upgrade to full services boxes, so you wouldn’t need too large of an inventory. Apparently they have had huge conversion numbers from basic tivo to full tivo on directtv, but I’m not exactly sure what the number is.