NBC HDTV Now on DirecTV

Well it started earlier this week but all of a sudden on channels 82 and 83 on my new DirecTV TiVo NBC HDTV started showing up. This is really great and I’m surprised that DirecTV would not have tried to promote this addition to their lineup with greater fanfare — just in time for the season premieres I might add. Getting NBC in HDTV is pretty huge.

So now on my HDTV TiVo I can get CBS (both East and West Coast feeds, the CSI Miami premiere without commercials was great last night), NBC (both East and West Coast feeds), HD HBO (my favorite so far), HD Showtime, Mark Cuban’s two HD Channels (which mostly show old movies), HD ESPN, HD Discovery (out of this world), and BRAVO HD (the U.S. Open full Tennis coverage was amazing).

DirecTV has also launched a few new satellites and will apparently have many, many more channels in HDTV shortly. If you care about the football thing (I do not), apparently they will broadcast over 125 NFL games in HDTV this year as part of their NFL Season Ticket. I will say that the movies I have ordered from DirecTV pay per view so far also have had stunning visual and audio quality — if it’s not HDTV it’s darn close.

The other thing that has been nice with my HDTV TiVo is that it has four tuners. I have yet to run into a single recording conflict yet.

I have to say that ditching my MCE for my new HDTV TiVo was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. I still use the MCE machine for pictures and music but without a doubt there is simply no comparison via television quality.

If, and it’s still an if, MCE does actually come out with HDTV in MCE 2005 this would be a very positive step. It would be very disappointing though if it only covered OTA broadcasts as it has been the added content (especially HBO and Showtime) that have really made a great deal of the difference for me.

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