EFF: Deep Links on Microsoft’s New Music Service Announced Today

EFF: Deep Links The Electronic Frontier Foundation blogs about Microsoft’s new music service and points out that Microsoft in their customer support is showing people how to remove DRM that would prevent them from playing their Microsoft purchases on an IPOD.

Although Apple computers and Apple iPods do not support the PC standard WindowsMedia format for music, it is still possible to transfer MSN Music downloads to an iPod, but it will require some extra effort. To transfer MSN-downloaded music to an iPod, you need to first create a CD with the music, and then you need to import that CD into iTunes. This process will convert the music into a format that can play on the iPod. We’re sorry that this isn’t easier – unfortunately Apple refuses to allow other companies to integrate with the iPod’s proprietary music format. If you are an iPod owner already and unhappy about this policy, you are welcome to send feedback to Apple requesting that they change their interoperability policy.

The post goes on to attribute to Microsoft’s own engineers in the now-infamous darknet paper that DRM does nothing but drive legit music fans to P2P networks.

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