Clueless newbie award, Scott Sassa of Friendster, Trout Girl, her husband, Tim Converse, Disclosure, Agenda and Anonymity in the Blogsphere

Clueless newbie award: Scott Sassa of Friendstervia Blogdex.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this one because I definitely side with Troutgirl in the ongoing Troutgirl vs. Friendster drama that has been unfolding, but it appears that one of the most widely trafficked blogs on the subject yesterday, (which yesterday gave Friendster CEO Scott Sassa the “Clueless Newbie Award”) is actually run by Troutgirl’s husband.

Tim is called out on this in the comments section of his blog and proceeds to admit that he is Troutgirl’s husband but also seems to imply to there may be a secret hidden effort going on by Friendster to anonymously discredit him and Troutgirl in light of Friendster’s huge PR blunder yesterday. Converse asks for the poster to identify him/herself, which the poster has yet to do.

Not sure what all this means but it certainly raises many significant points on the blogosphere including privacy, agenda, anonymity and fair disclosure.

And the drama continues…

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